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Skogen Baby

Smokkesnor i tre

Smokkesnor i tre

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Smokkesnor som holder skogen baby sin smokk på plass :)

The Skogen pacifier has been designed to ensure each generation of newborns support Mother Nature from the day they are born. This climate-friendly "napp" is made in Sweden, is made from up to 97% renewable resources, does not harm mother nature, is carbon positive and also recyclable. This pacifier is a butterfly shape with 6 ventilation holes in the shield and comes with 4 different “teat” options to ensure your baby is comfortable, and is shipped with zero plastic, in a recyclable paper bag.

Suitable from 0-3 months

Free from BPA

Approved according to EN-1400: 2013 safety standard.

Teat: 100% latex GPSNR

Shield: Up to 97% bio-based derived from renewable resources

Ready for recycling

Includes 1 tree planted per pacifier, traceable with Ecologi

Instructions for use:

To sterilize the pacifier, boil water and place the pacifiers in a strainer. Pour the boiling water over the pacifiers. Let the pacifier dry off and cool down before use. Change for a new pacifier every 4-6 weeks regardless of visible wear and tear.

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